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Greenlaurel: Did you Know you Can Recycle Foam Food Containers in Baltimore City?

Better yet, bring your own mug or container and avoid foam food containers.

Foam food containers and “styrofoam” box packaging seem to be everywhere. If expanded polystyrene (white plastic foamy product sometimes called by the brand name, Styrofoam) isn’t clogging our garbage or our waterways, it’s often littering our streets.

GreenLaurel: Will Maryland Ban ‘Foam’ Food Containers?

Avoid using foam cups. Instead of tossing, use foam cups to collect grease and fats when cooking. Fat and grease should never go down any drain (including the toilet!)

A coalition of anti-trash groups and governmental agencies is urging the Maryland General Assembly to consider a bill that would ban the foam. If approved, organizations in Maryland would not be able to package food in foam products, cups, to-go clam shell boxes and trays.

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Two Maryland Lawmakers Introduce Measures to Quell Styrofoam Pollution

Photo by Mattes, via Wikimedia Commons

Looking into the Jones Falls or the Inner Harbor on a given day, it’s easy to spot shards of styrofoam containers floating by or building up. This year, two Maryland lawmakers are hoping to change that by introducing legislation that would ban sales of the foam packaging across the state.

Baltimore Considers a Ban on Styrofoam — With a Hefty Fine for Violators

Photo via Blue Water Baltimore
Photo via Blue Water Baltimore

Foam cups and food containers may be about to get a lot more expensive:  if the City Council goes forward with a proposed ban on polystyrene foam products within the city limits, selling someone a drink in a foam cup might land you a $1,000 fine.