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Murtherfore: A Story of Alcoholic Inspiration


1920s  Party

This New Year’s Eve, writer Lindsay Fleming remembers her father-in-law’s wit and wisdom, his whiskey sours and his elegant exit.

My father-in-law was famous for his whiskey sours.  When your drink ran dry, he’d be quick to notice and urge a refill.  If you hesitated, he’d settle it with the reminder, “No bird ever flew on one wing.”  When he died, copies of his recipe were posted by magnet on the refrigerator at the family beach house.  A backup was filed underneath the highball glasses in the art deco bar on the screened-in porch.

Lessons from a Turtle

image via ecology.com
image via ecology.com

Award-winning poet Elizabeth Hazen reflects on her ambitious life thus far — the winning, the losing, the waiting it out.

Once at the National Zoo, I watched a pair of giant tortoises copulating, the sound that emanated from their habitat like a sleeper’s distress in the midst of a confusing dream. My son wondered what the matter was. All of the children wondered, the older ones with a slight blush of awareness. The adults chuckled nervously, parents scooting their children along to the next exhibit. Meanwhile I stared with the fascination of a scientist, the brazenness of a paparazzo. How those enormous, armored bodies could fit together—how even turtles could evince pleasure without words! Somehow this was a comfort to me, though simultaneously I was conflicted by my voyeurism and my relentless obsession with things I do not understand.

The Bottom Line: Local Author Addresses Women’s Empowerment at the Ivy


“I don’t want you to waste another minute of your life focusing on your big butt or other imperfections. Instead, I want you to embrace your vulnerabilities and go on to conquer your dreams.” Those wise words come from Baltimore businesswoman, motivational speaker and, now, author, Laura Black, who spent much of her life focused on just that — molding herself into the physical ideal of womanhood our culture often promotes. Finally she realized it wasn’t her body that was holding her back, it was her attitude about her body.

Who Are Baltimore’s Most Successful People Under 40?


Think of it as our homegrown MacArthur Genius Grant, minus the $500,000 prize:  the Daily Record just released its annual list of VIPs (very important professionals) age forty and under, and it features a who’s-who of inspirational figures you may recognize from around town.

The list, awarded annually, honors the kinds of people who make you feel like you’re probably not doing enough with your life — community activists, standout lawyers, political movers and shakers, academic superstars, cultural figures, and the like. They’re picked by the Daily Record’s editorial board, “based on their professional accomplishments, a commitment to inspiring change in their community, and their tremendous accomplishments achieved before or by age 40.” 

A few of this year’s honorees:

  • Joe Edwardsen owns popular Station North pizza spot Joe Squared and is involved with the plans to revitalize and develop the surrounding area.
  • Keshia Pollack works to create safe and healthy work environments through her research at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health