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AcroYoga, Kizomba, Meditation, Belly Dancing, Massage and More at the Interfusion Festival



Interfusion Festival is an annual celebration of the human spirit. The Festival connects a variety of arts and communities together for a unique melting pot experience. The Festival includes over 30 day workshops, 30 artists, and 2 nights of major shows and dance socials. Net proceeds are being donated to local communities, non-profits and the arts.

Beginners Welcome & No Partner Necessary.

It Takes Two to Tango

Baltimore Tango – Marty Katz/Baltimorephotographer.com

The dancers take catlike steps, moving forward and backward, side-to-side, legs intertwining. The leader and responder hold each other in a close embrace, and although there is no tension in their framing, the dance is one of passion and intensity. While there are trapezes hanging from the roof of the Load of Funstudio, it is the tango students that hold this writer’s attention.