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Baltimore’s Tech Industry Gender Gap


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We’ve heard a lot of great news about Baltimore’s tech community in recent months–not least that our city’s tech workers have the second-highest average salaries in the nation. But things aren’t entirely utopian in Baltimore’s cyber-world: 72% of tech jobs in the city are held by men.

Why Baltimore Beats New York, LA as a Home for Tech Workers

Image via Dice
Image via Dice

Everyone knows that people working in Silicon Valley make a lot of money. To put a number on it: The average salary for a tech worker there is $108,603 — plus an average annual bonus of $12,458. But those people also have to pay San Francisco real estate prices.

The real paradise for techies? Baltimore, it turns out. Tech workers in the Baltimore/DC area earned an average salary of $97,588 according to the Dice Salary Survey; that’s the second-highest in the nation. That means people working in the industry here are earning more than their counterparts in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, or Austin. And forgive me for belaboring the point, but the numbers speak for themselves: Average home price, Silicon Valley = $1.27 million (yes, average). Average home price, Baltimore = $241,700.

Why Baltimore Is Better than Silicon Valley


Baltimore is a top city for tech jobs.

Silicon Valley is old news; if you want a tech job these days, according to Forbes, you’d be hard pressed to do better than… well, right here. Fun fact:  while California still has four times as many tech jobs as the national average, it turns out that the job growth is happening elsewhere. That’s partly because the gold-rush fever of a “tech-driven jobs boom” conveniently ignores the bust half of the cycle; according to Forbes, Silicon Valley actually employed 170,000 fewer people in 2011 than in 2000.