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Be Aware–Maryland’s New Laws Take Effect This Week


Law and Marijuana

Starting on October 1 (this Wednesday), a number of new laws take effect in Maryland. They involve drugs, discrimination, domestic violence, and driving. Read on to be reminded how not to run afoul of the law:

Marijuana decriminalization. Stoners, rejoice: As of this week, if you’re caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana, you’ll face civil charges (instead of criminal ones). First time offenders can expect a $100 fine, rising to $500 the third time you get caught.

This Texting-and-Driving Story from a Baltimore Mom Will Break Your Heart



We all know that we shouldn’t be texting and driving — and, hey, now it’s even more illegal in Maryland! — but many of us do it anyway. Maybe this story will be the thing that inspires you to quit once and for all.

Baltimorean Susan Yum was driving north on 83 with her husband and two children a few days after Christmas in 2011, when they were struck from behind by an SUV going 62 mph. I’ll let her tell the next part:

Are You Prepared For (Or Aware Of) Maryland’s New Laws?



In case you haven’t heard a few new driving-related laws go into effect tomorrow, October 1 — so sit up, pay attention, and for god’s sake, put away your cell phone while you’re driving. Some things to keep an eye out for:

  • Driving and talking on your cell phone will now be a primary offense. That means a cop can pull you over for this reason alone, rather than just adding this infraction to a previous charge. The fee has also been upped to $75 (from $40); if it’s your second violation, you’ll have to pony up $125, and $175 for your third.