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Baltimore’s Rat-Fighting Municipal Trash Can Program Wins an Award


A little over a year ago, Baltimore City spent almost $9 million on free trash cans for residents to fend off rats and collect more garbage. Today, the city’s Department of Public Works announced that very same trash can program received a “Project of the Year” award from a regional public works association.

Meet Your New Trash Cans, Baltimore



Last year, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced a $9 million plan to provide Baltimore residents with new “smart” trash cans. Now we’re finally getting to see what those trash cans will look like — and is it weird to say that I’m excited?

Baltimore Spends $9 Million on New, “Smart” Trash Cans



Baltimore City has just agreed to spend $8.9 million on high-tech garbage receptacles. Watch out, Baltimore: Your trash experience is about to leap into the 21st-century.

Baltimore’s Newest Weapon in the War Against Rats

Okay, so it's not quite this bad -- yet.
Okay, so it’s not quite this bad — yet.

They dart into bushes, nibble their way in trash bags, or end up smashed and flattened on the pavement: Yes, Baltimore, you have a rat problem. The city has made various salvos in its war against the rodents, but as city residents could tell you, it seems like the rats might be winning. So far, at least.