Meet Your New Trash Cans, Baltimore

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Last year, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced a $9 million plan to provide Baltimore residents with new “smart” trash cans. Now we’re finally getting to see what those trash cans will look like — and is it weird to say that I’m excited?

The new trash cans are intended to be easier to lift; they also feature tight-fitting lids to keep vermin out. A pilot program using these new cans showed that calls for rat extermination dropped “dramatically” in the target area. The trash cans will also have a unique serial number to help keep track of them.

The original plan was to provide every resident of the city with a free (to them, at least) 65-gallon receptacle. That’s a big trash can, if you don’t feel like doing the math. Now the city has decided to let residents request a 35-gallon version instead — as long as you put your request in by calling 311 before February 19. Distribution of the new trash cans will begin in late February.

The cans are the property of the city, and though they will be provided at no cost, there will be a fee if you need to replace one, though it’s unclear at this point how much you’ll be charged.

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