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Man Accused of Killing Donatella the Turtle During Parkville Burglary Arrested in Baltimore

On right: Michael Kennard Jones, 23, Courtesy of Baltimore County Police

Less than 24 hours after Baltimore County police announced they were searching for a man who allegedly killed a woman’s turtle while robbing her home, authorities caught up with their suspect in Baltimore City.

Police Say Man ‘Needlessly’ Killed Woman’s Turtle During Parkville Burglary

On right: Michael Kennard Jones, 23, via Baltimore County Police

Authorities in Baltimore County are on the hunt for a 23-year-old man who they say cruelly took the life of a woman’s turtle while ransacking her Parkville home.

Lessons from a Turtle

image via ecology.com
image via ecology.com

Award-winning poet Elizabeth Hazen reflects on her ambitious life thus far — the winning, the losing, the waiting it out.

Once at the National Zoo, I watched a pair of giant tortoises copulating, the sound that emanated from their habitat like a sleeper’s distress in the midst of a confusing dream. My son wondered what the matter was. All of the children wondered, the older ones with a slight blush of awareness. The adults chuckled nervously, parents scooting their children along to the next exhibit. Meanwhile I stared with the fascination of a scientist, the brazenness of a paparazzo. How those enormous, armored bodies could fit together—how even turtles could evince pleasure without words! Somehow this was a comfort to me, though simultaneously I was conflicted by my voyeurism and my relentless obsession with things I do not understand.