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Baltimore Gets a Pair of Grants to Address Trauma From Unrest, Violence

Baltimore's new health commissioner
Dr. Leana Wen

The physical effects of unrest are visible in many areas of Baltimore. But living through harrowing events also takes its toll mentally. With a pair of new grants, the U.S. government is looking to help Baltimore cope.

Obama’s Answer to Baltimore’s “Momma Bear”

Toya Graham and her son, Michael, met the president last night.
Toya Graham and her son, Michael, met the president last night.

During last year’s protests after Freddie Gray’s death in police custody, Toya Graham became briefly famous when she snatched her teenage son away from the building unrest. Last night, Graham and other Baltimore mothers got a minute with President Obama during a town hall conversation.

Rihanna Wanted to Play a Post-Protest Show in Baltimore



Yesterday, thanks to a Maryland Public Information Act request, the Baltimore Sun received more than 7,000 emails sent to and from City of Baltimore officials during and after the riots, protests, and unrest in April. The paper is still sifting through all those documents, but they’ve already uncovered one juicy (and, in the grand scheme of things, pretty trivial) tidbit.