Rihanna Wanted to Play a Post-Protest Show in Baltimore

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Yesterday, thanks to a Maryland Public Information Act request, the Baltimore Sun received more than 7,000 emails sent to and from City of Baltimore officials during and after the riots, protests, and unrest in April. The paper is still sifting through all those documents, but they’ve already uncovered one juicy (and, in the grand scheme of things, pretty trivial) tidbit.

In the days after Freddie Gray’s funeral and that night’s riots, Rihanna’s people contacted Baltimore Police officials about possibly hosting a free concert in the city. Plans for the concert-that-never-happened were fairly thought through; the pop star told the BPD that she wanted to meet with protestors, that she was willing to travel to the city via train so as to not attract to much attention, and that the concert was tentatively planned for the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenues.

Needless to say, this didn’t happen. The documents the Sun received included a May 1 BPD situation report, which noted “Police are claiming they have no permit so [the concert] will not be allowed.” In other words, it seems as though the BPD may have kept the concert from occurring.

And while it would’ve been fun to have RiRi in town, Prince was a pretty good replacement, I have to say.

Keep checking in with the Sun for more insights culled from those 7,000 documents as the day progresses.

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  1. Why were none of these performers remotely interested in the druggies burning the law-abiding Dawson family to death but all up-in-arms to support a felon?

    • Rihanna was 14 in 2002, when that incident occurred. She didn’t begin singing until the age of 15. In her case, that’s why.

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