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The Lucky One: A Confession

The author, left, in her turquoise bikini--with her best friend, Sara.
The author, left, in her turquoise bikini–with her best friend, Sara.

It’s balmy in December–why not go to the beach with University of Baltimore MFA grad student Terri Steel, as she recalls the teenage vacation to Ocean City that altered her identity for good.

Our bare feet dangled, Aerosmith blared, and Route 50 was a blur beneath us as Sara and I headed to the beach in the back of her older brother Pete’s new 280ZX. I knew I was there as Sara’s guest as a last resort. All the other moms had said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

Ocean City Among Top 5 Most Popular Cities for a Vacation Home



“Second homes are a luxury,” according to Jed Kolko, chief economist of the real estate website Trulia.com. But if you could afford them, where would you buy one?

Using data provided by Trulia, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 10 most searched places for vacation homes between April 2012 and March 2013.

North Wildwood and Ocean City, both in N.J., emerged the top two vacation-home towns. The towns are popular among residents of Philadelphia and New York areas, probably even more after Hurricane Sandy led to a big slump in the prices.

We’ve Conquered the Super Bowl…Orioles’ Spring Training, Anyone?


Spring Training

catch of the day fish (2)We get that the whole Super Bowl thing isn’t over yet. There’s still the Ravens’ arrival back home later today and of course the big victory parade tomorrow. We know. We’ll be there. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t take full advantage of this moment of collective civic enthusiasm to say: What about the O’s?? Spring training starts later this month (giving you a good couple weeks to recoup and book your travel plans). And personally, we’re hoping that the Ravens’ hard won success (remember how much of a coup that game against the Patriots seemed not so long ago?) can translate into a little extra enthusiasm for the Orioles when baseball season starts this year. Maybe we’re on a streak, right? Maybe this is just the beginning! Or maybe we could just use a few days in the Florida sun…

The Best Day Trips from Baltimore


August has a bonus treat for us this year:  an extra weekend. And if the city’s getting you down, remember that Baltimore is ideally placed for all sorts of day- and weekend-trips along the east coast and into the mountains. Below, our picks for the best places to escape Baltimore:

Inspired Habitat: Going Green Before You Go Away


The day has finally arrived! After all the planning, and scheduling, and shuffling of schedules, it’s finally time to head out on vacation. You’ve got the standard checklist of last-minute things; you’ve already put your mail on hold, arranged for the neighbors to keep an eye on the house and for your sister to take the pet bird. Before you hit the road though, add a few more things to your checklist to help keep your home green while you’re gone.