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Enterovirus Arrives in Maryland



It’s no Ebola, but the fast-spreading respiratory infection called Enterovirus 68 has parents across the nation in a minor state of panic. That’s because enterovirus presents pretty much the same as the common cold in most patients… but a certain percentage of children develop serious breathing problems from uncontrollable wheezing and coughing, and have to be hospitalized.

What’s Really Going on With Ebola?



If, like me, you have a dim memory of reading The Hot Zone, all this news about the Ebola Virus emerging again in West Africa, where the current outbreak — the largest we know of — has killed about 700 people, including Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor and three of his nurses.

This Week in Research: Pregnancy is Stressful — for Men; How Viruses are Like Homeland Security


Pregnancy is stressful for both partners — that’s certainly not news. But according to recent research from Penn State and Johns Hopkins who studied over a hundred heterosexual couples expecting their first child, women and men process stress differently during pregnancy.