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Baltimore’s Terry Willner is Doing Good in Baltimore


As a native Baltimorean, Terry Willner has always felt connected to her hometown. Like many of her friends, she never ventured far for too long – attending Emory University in Atlanta and then moving back to Baltimore after graduation.

It is this love for Baltimore and the conviction to make a difference that inspired this mother of two sons, Alex and Evan, to give back. She began volunteering through The Associated’s Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), and now serves as chair. This year, she’s particularly excited about JVC’s newest project which she believes will inspire thousands to do good. She talks about this effort and reveals why Baltimore is so dear to her heart.

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Through JVC’s Day of Service


“Our ultimate end must be the creation of the beloved community”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Join Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC) and the wider community and help move forward Dr. King’s vision of a Beloved Community on this national day of service. Volunteers from across Baltimore will engage in hands-on volunteer projects and inspiring educational opportunities that will impact our beloved community not just on this holiday, but year-round.

Volunteer at this signature community event or at sites throughout Baltimore including soup kitchens, shelters, senior facilities and beautification projects.

Volunteer projects are open for all ages and abilities. Come on your own or with your family and friends! Together, let’s transform Dr. King’s life and teachings into community action.

Learn more and register today!

Volunteering Through the Eyes of a Retiree


Today I popped into the main office of Miguel’s high school to request an early dismissal for him. I was bringing him to his sixth and final appointment with an angel… a pro-bono dentist who treated and saved this 16 year old, his teeth and his smile.

My experience helping newly arrived individuals and families began when I was the assistant director of volunteer services with Jewish Family Services (now Jewish Community Services). At the time we were setting up households and arranging transportation through Mitzvah Mobility for Russian refugees.

Now, 35 years later, as a retiree, I volunteer to provide a more direct service to a family from Guatemala seeking asylum. I became involved after receiving an email from the team at Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), who had been asked to solicit Spanish speaking volunteers to assist with the many tasks of welcoming and offering support to families fleeing from the horrors of their native homes and their experiences at the border.

The Book Thing Needs Volunteers All Week

Photo via driftingfocus
Photo via driftingfocus

Baltimore’s Book Thing was pretty much gutted by an early morning fire last week. But they’re not giving up the fight yet.

Baltimore Humane Society Black Tie & Tails Gala



black tie and tails

Bring your pup and join us for the most unique gala event of the year!

Volunteer to Make Care Packages for Refugees


Brown paper package or gift with red heart shape valentine card.

In a time of national (and international) crisis, it’s easy to feel powerless, as though there’s nothing you can do to help. Fortunately, that’s not entirely true.

Baltimore Gets $4.4 Million More in AmeriCorps Funding

Photo via AmeriCorps Facebook page
Photo via AmeriCorps Facebook page

More than 2,000 AmeriCorps employees are currently working in Baltimore, where they mentor refugee families, plant trees, tutor kids, and do any number of valuable work for low pay (and thousands of dollars in student loan forgiveness).

Volunteers Don’t Always Help, Johns Hopkins Study Says

Photo via the Red Cross
Photo via the Red Cross

In the wake of a disaster — a hurricane, an earthquake, a tsunami — hundreds or even thousands of well-meaning people want to help out. After 9/11, 40,000 wannabe volunteers flocked to New York City to provide whatever help they could. But according to recent research out of Johns Hopkins, these spur-of-the-moment volunteers sometimes hurt more than they help.

Ladew Topiary Gardens Looking for Volunteers


New Volunteer Opportunities

Friday March 14  or
Saturday March 15
9 am – 11 am
Join volunteers and staff for our Annual Volunteer Open House. We will explore the many and varied volunteer opportunities at Ladew.

Whether you would prefer to volunteer as a docent in the Manor House or Gardens, with children’s education programs, at Ladew special events, or side by side with garden or office staff, this Open House will highlight the many ways in you can become involved in that very special way…  as a VOLUNTEER!

Volunteers utilize their talents while receiving hands-on training through scheduled training sessions and/or on-the-job experience throughout the year. Returning volunteers receive opportunities to attend refresher training classes, as well as off-site field trips.

By donating your time to Ladew, you serve the community, gain personal fulfillment, and interact with others who share common goals and interests.

To register for either day, contact Barbara Barnoff, [email protected] or 410-557-9570, ext. 215.


Teach Children About Nature

Tuesdays & Thursdays
March 25 through April 10
9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Do you love nature and enjoy working with kids?  Then join us and train to become a tour leader for children’s school field trips.  You’ll learn about the plants and animals of the gardens, general ecology concepts, and outdoor teaching techniques.

$20 refundable fee.  (Participants must lead at least two school field trips to receive refund.)  Registration and background checks are required.

To register, contact Sheryl Pedrick at 410-557-9570, ext. 226

or email [email protected].

Ladew Logo and Address


Your Dog Could Be a Hero: Canine Blood Bank Desperately Needs Donors



If you’ve ever donated blood, you know the feeling:  lightheadedness (from the loss of blood), plus a strange sense of well-being (from knowing that you might’ve just helped save someone’s life). Don’t you want to give your dog that same sense of purpose?

Perhaps you, like me, didn’t know until today that canine blood banks are a thing. Well, they are — how else would sick and injured dogs get the blood transfusions they desperately need? — and the only one in the Maryland-DC-Virginia area is suffering a major shortage. Your dog might be able to help.