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Weight is A Heavy Topic With Grown Daughter


Dear Whit:

Our daughter “Emma” has been out of college for a few years and is in her late 20s, so my wife and I don’t have much influence over her anymore. She has a job and a boyfriend about 2 hours away from us and sees us maybe five or six times a year, usually vacation time for her and during the holidays.

What’s bothering my wife and I is that Emma has been putting on weight steadily since college and is getting noticeably heavy (at least to us). Her mother and I both know that nagging doesn’t work, but my wife especially thinks that this weight gain is worrisome, and to tell the truth I’d like to see my daughter the way she used to be. Is there anything we can do besides telling her how we feel?

Discouraged Dad

Dear Discouraged:

What do you have in mind?  Ground her if she doesn’t listen to you? As you say, you “don’t have much influence over her,” so recognize that you are not going to be able to get Emma to change her habits. What you can do is to maintain contact with her via email, or phone, or whatever is her transmission device of choice.

The Baltimore Ravens are the NFL’s Heaviest Team


“You have to wonder whether age is catching up to them,” an ESPN blogger wrote about the Baltimore Ravens defense earlier this year. In a sport where most players’ professional careers only span a couple of seasons, the   Ravens have several players with more than a decade of experience. At 37, Ray Lewis is practically old at 37. (Kidding. Mostly.) But the Ravens are hardly the oldest team in the NFL. They are, however, the fattest.