The Baltimore Ravens are the NFL’s Heaviest Team

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“You have to wonder whether age is catching up to them,” an ESPN blogger wrote about the Baltimore Ravens defense earlier this year. In a sport where most players’ professional careers only span a couple of seasons, the   Ravens have several players with more than a decade of experience. At 37, Ray Lewis is practically old at 37. (Kidding. Mostly.) But the Ravens are hardly the oldest team in the NFL. They are, however, the fattest.

Well, “fat” is probably not the word for it; “heavy” makes more sense. Football players have to be gigantic, so as to better knock against other gigantic players. But even among all those giants, the Ravens are big:  the team boasts 13 players who weigh in at more than 300 pounds. Bryant McKinnie, an offensive tackle, tips the scales at 360 pounds (he’s also 6’8″). The team’s average weight is 252 pounds, which is the highest in the league. But it’s not that the Ravens are just bigger overall than everyone else; the players’ average height is a mere 6.17′, which makes them perfectly average.

And that’s after the team’s linebackers Ray Lewis and Jameel McClain dropped weight during the off season. Other Ravens have been trying to lose weight in order to get faster. But since the team can put away 120 pounds of ribs over a single lunch, they’re not in danger of wasting away anytime soon. (Read our interview with the team’s caterer here.)

In a sport where bigness is good, we’re pretty sure this is a good thing. But after yesterday’s disappointing loss to the Eagles, maybe a diet is in order?

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