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Yahoo CEO’s Decisions a Disappointment for Working Moms

credit: telegraph.co.uk

Anyone hoping that Marissa Mayer, the 37-year-old who recently took the helm of Yahoo and became a mother three months later, would somehow pave the way for working mothers—at least those seeking a modicum of work-life balance—can ditch that wish. Mayer burst that bubble when she announced in February that Yahoo would no longer allow telecommuting. Not even once a week or once in a while. None. Period. No exceptions.

I have a theory about why she did it.

Maybe Mayer was so wacked out from post-partum exhaustion—after all, she gave herself only one week (yes, you read correctly) maternity leave after the birth of her baby last fall—that she made the decision to nix telecommuting at Yahoo while in a typical state of new motherhood: sleep-deprived, hormonal-imbalanced, and generally delirious.

Baltimore Moms Find Flexibility Key to Juggling Family LIfe



The job interview was coming to a close, and I knew I had to make a decision fast. Dancing around the issue of flexibility, I made a general inquiry about office culture. Having controlled my work schedule as a self-employed writer since becoming a mom 11 years ago, I was terrified at the prospect of being locked into a 9 to 5 office job with little wiggle room for sick children, school plays and teacher conferences (not to mention early morning yoga classes and occasional lunch dates with friends). As the employer—a single woman with no children—acknowledged the high level of stress in her bare bones communications office, I decided to go for it.

“I should probably tell you,” I interjected haltingly. “I have no problem doing what it takes to meet deadlines, including working from home in the evenings. But I will need to leave at a pre-determined time every day to pick up my kids from school.” Then I exhaled, a wave of relief mingling with dread washing over me.