Ten City Liquor Establishments Fined for Selling Alcohol to Minors

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6packbluemoonFrom time to time, the Baltimore Sheriff’s Office and Baltimore liquor board send minors into local liquor stores and wine shops to see if they will sell them alcoholic beverages, which would be against the law.

Quite often, it seems, they will.

On Thursday, 10 establishments with Baltimore City liquor licenses were found guilty of selling alcohol to minors and fined for doing so. One also had its license suspended for one day.

The businesses charged with violations are located all around town, from Christopher Spann’s upscale Wine Market in south Baltimore to Juan Ortiz’s La Roca on Pulaski Highway.

Here is a list of the businesses found guilty of selling alcohol to a minor, what they were charged with selling.

Wiley Gunters, 821-823 E. Fort Avenue in Locust Point (two beers, a Bud Light and a Miller Light); Midtown Liquor Store, 17 West Biddle Street in Mount Vernon (a 12-pack of Bud Light cans); Wine Market, 921 E. Fort Avenue (a bottle of Treveri Rose wine); Aloha Sushi, 1218 N. Charles Street (a 12-pack of Bud Light cans); and La Roca at 3210-14 Pulaski Highway (a six-pack of Corona.)

Also, Social Pub and Pie, 25 East Cross Street, (a vodka and soda water drink); Pulaski Liquor Emporium, 6425 Pulaski Highway (a six-pack of Bud Ice); Honey’s Lounge, 1722-24 Gough Street (a six-pack of Blue Moon beer); Loading Dock Discount Liquors, 2101 Fleet Street (a bottle of Svedka Vodka); House of Spirits, 2300 Fleet Street (a six-pack of Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA.)

The violations occurred in May and July of 2016. According to a liquor board representative, each establishment was fined $250 for its violation. In addition, Midtown Liquor Store received a one-day suspension of its license, which it is serving today.

Ed Gunts

Ed Gunts is a local freelance writer and the former architecture critic for The Baltimore Sun.
Ed Gunts

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