The Answer to Finding an Amazing Summer Experience for your Child or Teen

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As a child, there’s pretty much nothing more exciting than summer. Why is it that summer matters so much?

The benefits of a positive summer experience are endless. Whether at sleep away camp or a teen program, children and teens find a supportive community that encourages achievement and builds self-esteem, promotes healthy lifestyles, fitness, and activity, and inspires the confidence and skills to become the adults they can be—the next generation of doers and leaders.

I spent 18 years at summer camp. I was a camper, counselor, Area head and an Assistant Director.

I have seen what an unforgettable summer can do for a child or teen, how young individuals can blossom and come into their own in only a few short weeks or months. I know summer matters, so I’m here to assist with the matters of summer.

My job is to make yours easier. You might think you have the time and energy to manage it all yourself, but then you realize you have no idea where to start. I’m here to help! Along with my skills as a certified life coach, I work year-round to provide you with all the information you need—at no cost. Say hello to convenience and peace of mind.

From second graders to high school seniors, there’s an experience to suit every age, interest, and passion. Programs. Budget. Location. Schedule. I cover it all—and then some—so you’ll have every confidence in your decision.

I am a free advisory service specializing in sleep away camps and overnight summer programs, trips, and travel for children and teens, ages 7-18. I am a resource to parents and families year round and I am dedicated to helping you find the perfect summer experience for your child.

If you are interested in learning more or ready to start planning an amazing summer for your child, please contact me.





Lanie L. Yerman 

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