This week saw a strange synchronicity of events regarding hazardous (or presumed hazardous) pastries.

In Las Vegas a woman was prevented from bringing a cupcake on board an airplane. Apparently, the TSA agent considered the frosting a “gel,” making it a possible explosive agent. And that must have been some cupcake, because gels are allowed on airplanes up to 3.5 ounces!

In a case of pastries that actually did explode, a Chilean newspaper ran a recipe for churros (fried dough covered with cinnamon and sugar) that directed cooks to take the oil to a temperature that actually made the dough explode! The paper was ordered to compensate thirteen individuals for burns they suffered trying to make the treat. The woman with the most severe injuries was awarded $48,000.

The lesson here? Hmmm. I guess, if you’re flying with a cupcake bring the icing in a separate 3.5 ounce container, and only use recipes from trusted sources.