The Baltimore Fishbowl 2019-2020 Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools is out

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Our fourth annual Baltimore Fishbowl Guide to Independent Schools is out.  Check out the digital version above, and learn more about what you will find in the guide in the letter from the editor, Muffy Fenwick, below.

Letter from the Editor

We are excited to introduce the fourth annual Baltimore Fishbowl Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools. We hope you will enjoy the enhancements to sections highlighting programmatic initiatives, innovative administrators, and impressive student leaders as well as thoughtful stories about issues facing schools today.

Baltimore is so fortunate to offer a wealth of independent schools that meet the needs of our rich and diverse community. Here, you will be introduced to schools ranging from single-sex to coed, religious to independent and k-8 and prekindergarten-12. We have no doubt that these pages will pique your interest in the abundant education options our area has to offer.

This year, we delved into the hot topics that consume schools and families today. First-time parents grapple with preschool choices, weighing the pressure to immerse toddlers in an academic program over traditional play-based ones. In our 21st -century education story, we address how schools are educating students for an ever-changing world. Finally, we explore the competing demands on today’s teens in “In the Trenches.” From social media to sex education, teenagers are overwhelmed by challenges unforeseen by their parents.

Our area schools have developed new programs to enhance learning in and out of the classroom. They have welcomed new administrators from across the country to bolster their leadership and initiate change. In our ever-popular School Spirit section, we learn how boys and girls from lower to upper schools serve as leaders, furthering their schools’ missions and showcasing their pride in their schools.

As always, we hope these snapshots will inspire you to further explore the schools in our area. Visit their incredible campuses, study their extensive curriculum guides and, most importantly, spend some time with their amazing students. The reward of putting out this guide each year is having the opportunity to do just that. We are continually awed by the students we meet, the administrators and faculty we encounter, the programs we visit. We know you will be too.

-Muffy Fenwick

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