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The Yankees may count Jack Nicholson and Jay-Z as famous fans, but they’re not the only team garnering celebrity support this year. The Baltimore Sun reports that rocker Joan Jett wrote the Orioles a fan letter praising them for their performance this season and letting them know that she’s been sneaking peeks at her iPad while on stage to check up on her favorite team. Take that, New York! A few other A-list (and, well, C-list) celeb O fans below:

  • Benji Madden (of rock band Good Charlotte), his brother Joel, and Joel’s wife, Nicole Richie. The trio hang out with center fielder Adam Jones, according to the Sun. Well, we’ll take what we can get.
  • Larry King. Although he avows fanship for both the Mets and the Os in his book Why I Love Baseball, we’re happy to split the difference.
  • Ed Norton. Last year, he said in an interview that his birthday wish was for a revived Orioles team. Guess he blew out all his candles.
  • Robert Pattinson. It was BIG news earlier this year when the Twilight star lent his beloved Orioles cap to then-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Bet he regrets it now.
  • Paul Rudd — or at least his character in Knocked Up.
  • Ice Cube. He looks really, really good in an Orioles cap.
  • Elaine from Seinfeld. She refuses to take off her Orioles baseball cap even while in the Owner’s Box at Yankee Stadium. Even though she’s fictional (the character of Elaine was a Towson native), we still celebrate her as the truest O’s fan of all.

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  1. Fun fact: Elaine wore the Orioles cap because the character was from Towson! Show co-creator Larry David went to the University of Maryland.

  2. Paul Rudd also wore an Orioles cap in the movie “Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead”

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