The Baltimore Ravens Are Looking for a New Slogan, Which Is Good, Because Their Old One Was Dumb

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Photo via Russell Street Report
Photo via Russell Street Report

Did you know that the Baltimore Ravens pick out a new slogan for every season? I certainly did not – probably because they don’t tend to promote the phrase-of-the-year, because most of them are exceedingly mediocre. Let’s critique a few:

2008: What’s Our Name? Having this as your slogan is inviting punishment from opposing teams. It’s like naming your kid “Kumquat,” or “Tuck” — you’re almost asking for it.

2009: Play Like a Raven. Um, okay. A little tautological, but fine.

2010: W.I.N. No clue what the letters stand for, if they stand for anything. “We’re Incredibly Nearsighted? “Wearing Itchy Necklaces?”

2011: Relentless. Sounds like a perfume.

2012: TEAM. Guess they got tired of the whole acronym thing back in 2010.

2013: Here We Are. Another tautology…but this one sounds a little resigned. You know, like “Well, we won the Super Bowl last year, and we certainly aren’t going to again this year, but, hey, here we are!” As if showing up was all the magic.

This guy has an idea for what next year’s slogan should be — but I think that you readers can do better. Any thoughts?

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