The bar at Parts & Labor. Photo by Julie Hove Andersen.

People were saddened to learn earlier this week that Parts & Labor, the Remington butchery and restaurant run by Spike Gjerde and Corey Polyoka, would be closing after dinner service on Aug. 5.

Well folks, the bar, at least, is going to stay open a little while longer, offering “beers & spirits aplenty,” a rep for Gjerde says. And there will be food, too.

Starting Aug. 8, the pop-up bar will try a variety of dinner offerings in addition to serving drinks, all of which will be posted on Parts & Labor’s Instagram account.

“[O]ne day we might do a fish fry, one weekend we might roast a whole pig, one week we might serve porchetta sandwiches or do burgers, one night we might tell everyone to come kick a keg with us,” says Kelsey Burrow, who handles public relations for Gjerde’s Foodshed group.

The Parts & Labor Pop-Up Bar will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 4-10 p.m. over the next 60 days. Gift cards, which do not transfer to other restaurants, will still be accepted at the bar.

Brandon Weigel is the managing editor of Baltimore Fishbowl. A graduate of the University of Maryland, he has been published in The Washington Post, The Sun, Baltimore Magazine, Urbanite, The Baltimore...