USA Today is trying to determine the “best iconic American food.” Is it cheese steak from Philly? Fried cheese curds from Wisconsin? Pastrami from New York? Barbecue from Kansas City? Duh — no — it is (or should be!) Baltimore crabs. And here’s why:

1) There are more crabs in the Chesapeake Bay than humans in the greater metro are — 10 times more crabs, actually. And I imagine that cheese curds probably don’t outnumber Wisconsinites.

2) You can’t be pretentious, dignified, or snobby while scraping out delectable back fin meat. Bankers and stevedores alike roll up their sleeves to dig in to a big platter of blues.

3) Arguing about which crab house is the best/which crab cake is the tastiest/what seasoning is preferable is a Maryland tradition. (Koco’s forever!)

4) Picking crabs is an art. Picking cheese steak? Yeah, not really.

5) Licking that leftover Old Bay crust off your fingers after you’re done!

Baltimore crabs are currently at #2 in the poll, after Albuquerque’s green chilie sauce (which is, admittedly, quite good). Help propel us into first place by voting here, up to once per day.