Being a college student, economical fun is a big priority. Ideally, no one I know in undergrad wants to spend more than $20 on a night on the town. On such a low budget, you might suspect this evening out impossible. Enter Maxie’s Pizza Bar Grille, the place to go, or at least the place we go. Not only does the bar have specials every night, such as $15 for 5 beers and all martinis for $5 each, they have a pizza bar upstairs fully stocked with pretty good pies, french fries, and really any other food that will satisfy those late night (non-discriminating) munchies. The drawback is that the bar is located in a basement and can get pretty crowded, crazy, hot, and loud. So if you’re looking for a quiet, chill place to hang out with your friends and chat, Maxie’s is not the place for you. (Disclaimer: Maxie’s at night might not be the place for you if you’re very long out of college.) But, if you’re looking to have a festive night on a budget and meet some pretty awesome bartenders, welcome aboard.  Maxie’s – 3003 N. Charles St.