Cathy Lee


Cheap Things for College Students to Do: Hippest Place to Eat a Dinner Waffle



“Oh, you hang out at Carma’s? You must be a hipster.” There are not enough fingers on my hands to count how many times I’ve heard this. I want to make this clear: Carma’s Café is not just for hipsters even if all of the ones I know hang out there. In fact, it is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat for less than $10 if you want something more gourmet than Chipotle. My personal menu favorites are the Portobello Panino and the Vineyard Chicken Salad sandwich served with a side of the cold sesame noodles and the bagel and lox platter. The two things that attracted me to Carma’s in the first place was that it serves breakfast all day long and has unique daily specials such as Hawaiian Crème Fraiche Waffles. Although, I usually don’t have time to sit down inside or out on the sidewalk, Carma’s is a great place to take a moment. Carma’s can get pretty crowded around lunchtime and dinner, so if you want to hang around, you should plan to arrive early because the seating is limited. All in all, the staff is friendly, the food is great, and the people have created a pretty awesome open community, if I do say so myself.

Carma’s Café–3120 Saint Paul St # 7

Baltimore Fishbowl intern Cathy Lee attends Johns Hopkins.

Teibele and Hurmizah (Meet Baltimore): An Erotic Fable in English and Yiddish

art by Mugi Takei

Bored? Broke? A little bereft? Ready to spend some time with demons? Dybbuks? Yiddish? Intrigue? Check out Teibele and Hurmizah, an erotic fable in English and Yiddish. It will begin its two-week Baltimore tour at Arellano Theater at Hopkins on Friday, April 13, and will end next Saturday, April 21, at the Bell Foundry with a stop of the Jewish Museum of Maryland on Thursday, April 19. Admission: Free!

Opening with Talmudic standup by local poet Alexander Nemser, and a short screening of the stop-motion animations of Mugi Takei. Featuring the musical talent of Charm City Klezmer and the creative costumes by recent MICA graduate (MICA ’12), Amelia Beiderwell. “Teibele and Hurmizah” explores superstition, fantasy, and sex in a conservative Jewish community in Poland at the turn of the century with a dark and sexy sense of humor.

Admission is at no cost thanks to funding from the Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship and Homewood Arts at JHU.

If all of this isn’t enough incentive, free snacks and refreshments will be provided.


April 13 and 14, 8 p.m., Arellano Theater at Johns Hopkins University

April 19, 7 p.m., Jewish Museum of Maryland

April 21, 8 p.m., Bell Foundry

The College Kid’s Bargain: Best Daily Drink Deal in Baltimore



Being a college student, economical fun is a big priority. Ideally, no one I know in undergrad wants to spend more than $20 on a night on the town. On such a low budget, you might suspect this evening out impossible. Enter Maxie’s Pizza Bar Grille, the place to go, or at least the place we go. Not only does the bar have specials every night, such as $15 for 5 beers and all martinis for $5 each, they have a pizza bar upstairs fully stocked with pretty good pies, french fries, and really any other food that will satisfy those late night (non-discriminating) munchies. The drawback is that the bar is located in a basement and can get pretty crowded, crazy, hot, and loud. So if you’re looking for a quiet, chill place to hang out with your friends and chat, Maxie’s is not the place for you. (Disclaimer: Maxie’s at night might not be the place for you if you’re very long out of college.) But, if you’re looking to have a festive night on a budget and meet some pretty awesome bartenders, welcome aboard.  Maxie’s – 3003 N. Charles St.

MD SPCA Weekly Pet Adoption: Meet Pretty Patty

Patty is an Australian Cattle Dog mix — she is six years old, spayed, and weighs in at 43 lbs.
We asked her to describe herself in more detail: “Hi, there. If you’re looking for a smart, active and gorgeous gal, then I’m just the right dog for you. I’m already housebroken and I love to play games and take long walks on leash whenever possible. Remember that I’m an active girl, so make sure you can keep up with me. Please visit me at the MDSPCA adopt center and let’s go home together today!”

MDSPCA Weekly Pet Adoption: Great White Dog Named…White

labrador retriever mix
Looking for a fun pet playmate to frolic with this spring? Well, surf the net no further because White’s the insouciant cutie you’ve been seeking. He’s an incredibly photogenic, two-year-old Labrador Retriever/Bull Terrier mix. Sweet and energetic, White loves to chase butterflies — he couldn’t be happier with this balmy spring weather. He will need an experienced and enthusiastic owner who will not mind keeping up with his bubbly personality, taking him on long walks or playing a fast game of Frisbee in the park.

White’s is up-to-date with his health check-up, vaccinations, and has been neutered. If you’re interested in becoming White’s new best friend, please contact the Maryland SPCA for the most current information.

Weekly Pet Adoption: Pumpkin and Dreamsicle, Sweet Orange Brothers at the MD SPCA



Pumpkin, a beautiful Maine Coon mix, arrived at the MD SPCA with his brother and faithful sidekick, Dreamsicle. He and his equally orange sibling are two years old and best friends. They will be ideal lap partners on those chilly evenings or when it is raining outside. These adorable bros are friendly, love to cuddle, and purr easily — which would lift anyone’s spirits in any weather. They have made a lasting impression on the MD SPCA volunteers, who will be sad to see them leave, but these volunteers will be even happier that this duo has found a real home. For more information on these cutie-pie, dessert-colored cats, please contact the Maryland SPCA for the most current information.

Honor Student in Jail! A JHU Production


Playing this weekend at Johns Hopkins, “Legion” follows the story of a teenage honor student, who happens to be in jail, while the service organization he founded is under siege. And, perhaps most interestingly, a drug dealer is in the hospital. How are all of these things connected? Come to the John Astin Theatre this weekend and find out!

“Legion,” written by award-winning playwright Nick Glossman, is produced by the Johns Hopkins University Theater and directed by James Glossman. It will feature performances by Johns Hopkins theater students and a guest appearance by John Astin.

Performances are this weekend, March 9 and 10 at 8 p.m., and March 11 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $5 for students with ID, $13 for seniors/faculty/alumni, and $15 general admission. To reach the Box Office, call 410-516-5153 or email [email protected]



Live Baltimore Giving away Great City Posters!


Do you love Baltimore? Love free stuff? Head over to the Live Baltimore headquarters located at 343 N. Charles Street, 1st floor, from 9am to 5pm, business days, to pick up free festive posters—AS MANY AS YOU WANT—starting now through February! Live Baltimore is of course a non-profit organization whose purpose is to market the city as a great place to live. The only thing the org asks for in exchange is that you share your plans for them and then post their pictures, at whatever location you’ve placed them, on the Live Baltimore Facebook page. This is a great way to share your enthusiasm for the city without spending a penny.

Cathy Lee is our Baltimore Fishbowl spring intern — she attends Johns Hopkins.

Craving Gourmet Bargains? Baltimore Restaurant Week’s Upon Us!


For those of you who have started to sing the blues (or bang your flatware) because Baltimore County Restaurant Week is coming to an end this Saturday, January 21, sing those tunes no more, for Winter Restaurant Week is coming. Starting today, January 20, and ending next Sunday, January 29, some of Baltimore’s favorite restaurants are sharing their food at prices even I, a poor college student, can afford. Over 70 restaurants are participating this winter, including the renowned Cinghiale and The Capital Grille, and a (controversial) Baltimore staple, Café Hon. Three-course pre-set menus are offered at $20.12 or, with wine, $30.12. More than 40 restaurants are even offering two-course pre-set lunch menus for $15.12. If these low prices are not incentive enough, the organization is hosting a “Lunch on Us” sweepstakes this year: Each day, a lucky contestant’s awarded a $25 gift certificate. To enter and grab more information, go to the Baltimore Restaurant Week Facebook page; also visit the website. See you there. Happy eating!

Cathy Lee is our Baltimore Fishbowl spring intern — she attends Johns Hopkins.