The Cathedral Ball is right around the corner. This year, the money we raise will help us raise healthy kids. That’s because proceeds from this year’s Ball will, quite literally, be the seeds (among other things) of our new school-wide sustainable food curriculum!
Monies will be used to physically reconstruct the school kitchen into a state-of-the-art community kitchen. We’ll pair that with a learning garden where kids will plant, tend, grow and harvest their own food! With a generous helping of newfound appreciation for the connectivity of the food we eat and where it comes from (and the hard work involved!).

Our vision for the learning garden, the kitchen reconstruction and for the overall farm-to-table curriculum is at the seedling stage. We need friends and businesses in the local community to help us nourish and fertilize this worthy undertaking. By donating tangible items for the silent auction, and/or by making financial donations, our idea will grow and mature. The fruits of these labors of this new curriculum will be enjoyed by the students we’re preparing for leadership roles in a more conscious, more sustainable tomorrow.

Please support this worthwhile endeavor in any way you can. Click here for details.

Cynthia Crenshaw is a freelance writer and editor.