The Gift: Faribault Woolen Blankets from Becket Hitch

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The Gift

What it is: Thick, warm, and 100% wool blankets renowned for their comfort and quality. Faribault has been making blankets since 1865; it’s the company that provided blankets for pioneers heading west and to US troops for two world wars. As the weather gets cooler and we gear up for holiday traditions, these blankets are a welcome addition to any cozy home. $200.

Who it’s perfect for:

Your Friends with the Cabin: If you find yourself every few months “borrowing” a friend’s cabin for the weekend, well, firstly, good for you. But secondly, it may be time to show your gratitude with something more than a card and a bottle of wine. These charming blankets are perfect for a rustic setting, and send the message that you truly appreciate their generosity. And whenever your hosts cuddle up under it themselves, they’ll be reminded of what an excellent guest you are!

Your Luddite/Ascetic/Earthy Relative: You know that relative (a niece or nephew, maybe) who always looks slightly uncomfortable when everyone’s tearing open presents on Christmas morning? The one who’s always saying they don’t need anything? The one who would rather die than be given an iPad? Well you won’t see any eye-rolling with this gift. The classic design, traditional quality, and all-natural (and super warm) wool make this a gift even Thoreau could get behind. We promise.

A variety of Faribault woolen blankets are available at Becket Hitch (located in Green Spring Station ( 2360 W. Joppa Road). For more information, or to purchase, visit their website.


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