Clyde on Main Street Hats
Clyde Davis-El of Main Street Hats

Courtesy What Weekly – In the world of fashion there are many different pieces to the wardrobe and most people of style have the basics covered.  Casual, formal, and professional looks each have their place. There is always room to improve the quality of your ensemble, however, with the tasteful addition of a timeless, functional and fashionable hat.

For hat expertise, I turn to Clyde M. Davis-El, Jr. of Main Street Hats at Greenmount Ave. and Thirty-First Street in Waverly. Clyde provided dozens of hats (an entire van full, to be exact) to complete the looks at the Delta Sigma Theta centennial celebration fashion show at the DC convention center a few months back. He makes sure that anyone in need of a hat for any occasion is well equipped.


I paid Clyde a visit to learn a little more about hats. My knowledge extended to only a few types like the Fedora, the Porkpie, and the Hamburg. At his shop, he met me with a genuine smile and the kind of laugh that could easily defuse a bad day.

Clyde has been a “hat guy” all of his life. “I love hats, they give the final touch to being well dressed,” he says. The transition from hat enthusiast to hat retailer came after Clyde returned from a vacation in 2002 and everyone wanted his hat. Knowing that he hadn’t seen a hat like his anywhere in Baltimore, Clyde took a risk, called the store where he purchased the hat, and bought out its inventory.


He got his beginning selling hats to friends and friends of friends, and soon demand began to grow and word spread about the “hat guy” named Clyde. “I knew I was onto something,” explains Clyde. He ordered hat boxes, taking the next step.

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