The Most Beautiful Gym in Baltimore

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Last year, Vanity Fair named Stephanie Rawlings-Blake one of the most fashionable mayors in the world; now the style and society magazine has deemed one of Baltimore’s gyms among the world’s best-looking fitness centers.

According to VF France and Google Translate, Mount Vernon’s MV Fitness Athletic Club “has decided to settle in the heart of a historic building and preserve everything that is its charm.” (In case you can’t tell, English is not the post’s first language.) MV Fitness is also lauded for its chandelier and parquet floors.

Personally, I don’t need my gym to be beautiful–wouldn’t you feel guilty about getting your sweat all over those lovely parquet floors? But maybe knowing that your gym is aesthetically pleasing makes it easier to motivate yourself to go work out. In any case, congrats MV Fitness!

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