The Ravens Are a Billion-Dollar Team

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Every year, Forbes ranks the world’s most valuable sports teams– and every year, the usual suspects (the Yankees, the Cowboys, and a handful of European soccer–pardon me, football–teams) take the top spots.

But despite a shaky last year, Forbes still considers the Ravens one of the NFL’s most valuable teams–worth approximately $1.5 billion, well more than twice what owner Steve Biscotti paid for the team back in 2004. That amounts to $50 in revenue per fan, Forbes says–not actually that much less than the Cowboys’ $57 per fan, and much better than the Giants’ $18 per fan.

Does being the 24th-most valuable sports team in the world bode well for Baltimore? That remains to be seen; the Ravens’ tough schedule seems to indicate that maybe this won’t be our lucky year. But who knows? The Ravens have been known to rise to the occasion before…

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