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Port Discovery Children’s Museum and Maryland 529 launch the “When I Grow Up” Sweepstakes


One winner will receive $529 toward college savings plus the chance to be a “conductor” for a day

Port Discovery Children’s Museum and Maryland 529 have launched a sweepstakes encouraging children to submit photos or drawings of what they want to be when they grow up.

Ravens Lineman and Certified Brainiac John Urschel Makes Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List

Courtesy John Urschel/Twitter

The Baltimore Ravens may have kicked off the year with a bitter finale after Sunday’s loss to the Bengals, but the 2017 offseason is off to a brilliant start for their starting left guard and noted math wiz John Urschel.

Hopkins Student on Forbes “30 Under 30” List



Every year Forbes releases its 30 Under 30 list, a media event designed to make the rest of us feel old and washed up admiration and pride.

Maryland Is the 2nd-Most Charitable State in the Nation



Have you donated time, money, or other resources over the past year to help make the neighborhood/city/world a better place? If so, you’re in good company–Marylanders are some of the most charitable people in the country, according to Forbes.

JHU Alums Don’t Give Often–But When They Do, They Give a Lot


money hand

Last week, Forbes released its annual college rankings. While there are lots of best-colleges lists out there, the Forbes ranking is interesting because of its focus on finances. 

The Ravens Are a Billion-Dollar Team



Every year, Forbes ranks the world’s most valuable sports teams– and every year, the usual suspects (the Yankees, the Cowboys, and a handful of European soccer–pardon me, football–teams) take the top spots.

Baltimore, You Work Too Much



traffic_jamBaltimoreans have one of the longest workweeks in the country once commuting times are factored in, according to Forbes.

Baltimore Is One of the Best Cities for New Grads



The Class of 2015 will be graduating in just a few short weeks. And if these newly-minted college graduates know what’s good for them, they’ll move to Baltimore.

Baltimore Is Great… For Single Men

Map via Jonathan Soma
Map via Jonathan Soma

Whenever Baltimore made it onto one of those “best cities for singles” lists, I felt confused. Those rankings did not jibe with my personal experience–but hey, maybe I was just unlucky. But a new Forbes article has cleared up some of my confusion: It turns out that Baltimore is great if you’re single… and a heterosexual man.

Hopkins Postdoc Makes Forbes “30 Under 30” List



Last week, we wrote about Baltimore artist Gaia making the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. He wasn’t the only local to make the cut, however.