Maryland Is the 2nd-Most Charitable State in the Nation

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Have you donated time, money, or other resources over the past year to help make the neighborhood/city/world a better place? If so, you’re in good company–Marylanders are some of the most charitable people in the country, according to Forbes.

Forbes based its ranking on an analysis by WalletHub, which included factors such as how what percent of the population volunteered at a charity; how many people donated money (and how much); and the number of charities in a particular state. The winner by a large margin was Utah–a state where many people subscribe to a religion that lists humanitarian aid as one of its core tenets. In second place? Generous Maryland, where a large percentage of the population claimed to have donated money to a charitable cause. That seems only apt for a state that is regularly also  listed as the wealthiest in the country.

In other words, you could also think of us as the most charitable non-Mormon state in the country.

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