The Ravens Are Probably Hanging Out With Barack Obama RIGHT NOW

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the_white_house_0Today, the victorious Baltimore Ravens will celebrate their 2013 Super Bowl with a visit to the White House. Does this plus Obama’s congratulatory phone call to coach John Harbaugh mean we can count the president as a Ravens fan?

Nearly every member of the winning team will be on hand to greet the president, as well as to attend Friday’s private ring ceremony in Owings Mills. Retired linebacker Ray Lewis and traded safety Ed Reed (now of the Houston Texans) will be there, natch. Missing will be linebacker Paul Kruger, safety Bernard Pollard (“I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be in the room with certain people”), cornerback Cary Williams, quarterback Dennis Dixon and safety Sean Considine.

Perhaps saddest of all, Anquan Boldin, the wide receiver who dominated the post season, won’t be there to shake the president’s hand. Instead, he’ll be in San Francisco, “participating in 49ers Organized Team Activities.” You’d think his new team would be able to give the guy a couple of days off to, you know, visit the White House. Do we sense a bit of bitterness on the part of San Francisco, hmmm?

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  1. Why can’t the 49ers demonstrate a little hospitality to Anquan and a little sportsmanship to the rest of the NFL? – jeeze!

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