The Sixth-Best Restaurant in America is in Baltimore

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Okay, so judging all the restaurants in the entire country against each other is a little bit of a ridiculous exercise — how can you compare an amazing hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese pho spot against a fine-dining establishment serving up $250 tasting menus?

But that caveat aside, congratulations to the Baltimore restaurant that, by the ranking system devised by Open Table, is the 6th best restaurant in America. Can you guess what it is?

Here’s the list:

1. St. Francis Winery & Vineyards – Santa Rosa, California
2. Fearrington House Restaurant – Pittsboro, North Carolina
3. Mama’s Fish House – Paia, Hawaii
4. n/naka – Los Angeles, California
5. Halls Chophouse – Charleston, South Carolina
6. Charleston – Baltimore, Maryland
7. o ya – Boston, Massachusetts
8. Orchids at Palm Court – Cincinnati, Ohio
9. The French Laundry – Yountville, California
10. goosefoot – Chicago, Illinois

And here’s Open Table’s explanation for how they came up with the list: “All restaurants with a minimum number of qualifying reviews were included for consideration. Qualifying restaurants were then sorted according to a score calculated from each restaurant’s average rating in the ‘overall’ category along with that restaurant’s rating relative to others in the same metropolitan area and the average number of restaurants reviewed by diners who reviewed that restaurant.”

What do you think, readers? Is Charleston deserving? Is it better than the French Laundry? (Alas, I’ve never eaten at the French Laundry, so I’m not qualified to weigh in.)

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    • Have you been to Charleston? I find the food to be consistently excellent and sometime transcendent. I did like The Modern, but not as much. Maybe it was the loaded diaper that got changed at the adjacent table.

  1. Charleston absolutely deserves to be on the list! Can you think of another restaurant in DC or Philly that is as good? No. It has no peer in the mid-Atlantic region. Sorry, but Volt? Not even CLOSE! Volt is gimmicky and “meh” IMO. Worth the trip to Frederick, but still, it’s no Charleston.

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