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from the Village of Cross Keys website:

How to Wear White After Labor Day

By Rebecca Paiement – PlaceWise Media Network
Posted September 1, 2014


Wearing white is alright…

There are some fashion rules you really should follow (“No socks with sandals,” I’m talking to you) and others that you should gladly break. Today we examine “No white after Labor Day,” an edict you’ve likely heard from your grandmother and mother, but one that, today, no longer applies.

So how can you keep wearing your favorite white pieces this fall? What separates summer white from winter white is in the fabric choice and the way you accessorize.

If you’re wearing white pants, make certain they are in a heavier fabric – denim, wool or even corduroy – than, say, silk, linen or light cotton. Also, look for creamier off-whites rather than more summery bright whites.


White tops are never out of season. A crisp white shirt, clean white tee or white sweater transcends seasons and looks great for fall paired with dark cigarette pants, dark jeans or a pencil skirt then topped with a sweater or jacket.

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