Things to Do Around Baltimore When You Get Tired of Your Family

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Ah, family. The best part of the holidays… and also sometimes the most exhausting part, too. It’s that time of year when you may suddenly need an excuse to get out of the house, so we thought we’d come up with a few fun ideas for when you need a break from all that quality time:

  • Go see a movie. The classic holiday option, since it allows you to hang out with relatives without actually having to interact for a few hours. And then afterward, you have something you can all discuss. There are some great options at The Charles right now, including Wild, Foxcatcher, and Birdman (Dec. 26 only). Or you could plan to see that bad Franco/Rogan movie that got the North Koreans all worked up…
  • Jump around. Did you know that there’s a trampoline park in Columbia? Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like — an indoor park, full of trampolines of all shapes, sizes, and bounciness levels. It’s closed on Christmas Day, but open today and Friday. If you feel like bouncing off the walls, why not actually bounce off the walls?
  • Walk in the woods. There’s something about nature that puts family squabbles in perspective. Go for a quick jog on the NCR Trail or walk your dog around Robert E. Lee Park, and appreciate how nature is never closed for business, even on holidays.
  • Go ice skating. The rink at the Inner Harbor is open today and tomorrow afternoon. What better way to celebrate winter than gliding around on an oval of ice?

However you spend the next few days, we here at Baltimore Fishbowl wish you a happy, healthy, merry, cheerful, and food-filled holiday season!

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