Things Johns Hopkins is Really Good At

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As you may have heard, the Johns Hopkins Hospital has been ranked number one in the nation for 22 of the past 23 years. And that’s great. But the school would also like you to remember that it’s not just good at one thing–it’s good at many, many things.

According to this year’s U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate School rankings, the Hopkins School of Education is the best in the nation; it held second place last year. The school also has the top-ranked programs in infectious disease, internal medicine, and biomedical engineering. And the last time anyone made a list of the best nursing and public health schools in the country, which was in 2011, Hopkins was #1 for both of those categories, too.

And while it’s nice to be in first place, winning isn’t necessarily everything. Hopkins also seems proud enough that its medical school placed third overall in the U.S. News rankings, with specialty programs also ranking high, including women’s health (2nd), AIDS (2nd), geriatrics (2nd), drug/alcohol abuse (3rd), and pediatrics (5th).

Other notable rankings from this year:

+Cell Biology – 3rd
+Molecular Biology – 3rd
+Neuroscience/Neurobiology – 3rd
+Political Theory – 5th
+Statistics – 5th
+History – 11th
+English – 13th
+Engineering (Online) – 14th
+Physics – 18th
+Chemistry – 24th
+Math – 25th
+Computer Science – 28th
+Earth Sciences – 30th

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