This Baltimore Frozen Yogurt Robbery Just Got Even Weirder

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Photo via Baltimore Eats
Photo via Baltimore Eats

If I was going to pick a type of business to rob at gunpoint, “frozen yogurt shop” would not be at the top of my list.

According to the Baltimore Sun, police claim that a September armed robbery of Owings Mills fro-yo shop uSpoon was actually an inside job: Paula Papanikos, a 28-year-old (former) employee of the store allegedly plotted with two co-conspirators to engineer the store’s robbery. The getaway car? A silver mini-van. You don’t get much more suburban than that.

Oh no wait, you do: The person charged with being the getaway driver is Diana Beth Denrich, a 36-year-old Baltimore County lawyer whose website says she is “focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.” The website also includes a selection of selfies.


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  1. So i guess Ms. Denrich’s practice is a one stop shop. Get a quickie divorce while also learning what not to do (using your own mini van as a getaway car) while robbing stores?
    It’s a sad day when lawyers are holding up frozen yogurt joints…

    • My question is, how are these folks not in jail? She’s posting selfies all over facebook, attending parties, going on vacation to Mexico (probably with her stolen yogurt money).

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