This Brazilian Street Artist Created 3 Murals in West Baltimore

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Keto at W. North Ave. and Druid Hill Ave. (via NBC News)

After seeing Freddie Gray’s death and the riots that followed his funeral play out, Alexandre Keto wanted to see Baltimore with his own eyes. The graffiti artist ended up lending his creativity to West Baltimore.

Keto tells NBC News he created three murals in the neighborhood, where Gray lived and TV cameras focused on the unrest. The story highlights one at Pennsylvania Ave. and Fulton, and one at W. North Ave. and Druid Hill Ave. A third location isn’t given. Like the larger hip-hop movement from which it springs, Keto said graffiti art communicates universal truths.

“The same problems that I found in my neighborhood are the same problems that I saw in Baltimore, that I saw in France, in Germany, in Africa,” he said.

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