This Guy Seriously Is the Teacher of the Year

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Sean McComb – Teacher of the Year

Teachers don’t get paid a whole lot of money, which is one reason it’s awesome that the person Maryland chooses to recognize as “teacher of the year” gets a check for $10,000. Many of us would take that money to buy a car, or pay off student loans, or just go out to many really, really nice dinners. But this year’s top teacher did something much more inspiring with his prize money.

According to WJZ, Patapsco High School teacher Sean McComb gave his Teacher of the Year money back to the school where he teaches, in the form of a donation to Patapsco’s robotics team.

“I saw them absolutely light up with this program. They didn’t have this practice field that we see behind us, this is something that the money is going toward. They only had one robot at the time. So now, they can truly practice the competition,” McComb told WJZ.

Yep, this guy is amazing. No wonder he’s one of just four educators in the entire United States in the running to be the national Teacher of the Year. That award gets announced next month. My money’s on McComb.

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