This Guy Thinks He’s Found a Replacement for the Maryland State Song

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MarylandmyMarylandMaryland’s state song is the latest piece of officialdom to be proposed for history’s dustbin because of links to the Confederacy. Luckily, a recording engineer in Annapolis heard a good replacement back in the ’70s.

According to the Capital Gazette, Charlie Richardson recorded the Naval Academy Glee Club recorded a song called “My Home, My Maryland” in 1976. Richardson said that song is “nothing threatening or unpleasant,” and lacks “all the political stuff.

Richardson mentions that the Star Spangled Banner would also be fitting, seeing as how it was written in Baltimore. And Del. Karen Lewis Young, who wants to remove the state song, has her own suggestion for new lyrics that were written 30 years later. Sounds like someone is going to have spend a lot of time listening to patriotic hymns if this bill is going anywhere.


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