Real Estalking: Looking Back on a House of the Future

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12 Laurelford Court, Cockeysville


6 br/6.5 ba

Do you remember the Carousel of Progress ride at Disney World? More specifically, the scene where the animatronic family is portrayed living in the future, their home tricked out with imagined technological advances? The attraction has been updated in recent years, but when I first saw it in the early eighties the future was a mauve and aqua spectacle of MTV inspired design.

I was ten-years old and I loved the look of the futuristic home. I returned from my Disney trip inspired and created a folder with “dream house” written in bubble letters. There, I stashed design ideas that included a purple Formica platform bed, a sunken lounge area and a rainbow wall mural.

I think someone found my folder.

There is a house for sale in Cockeysville that might as well be a time capsule from 1983. All the classic elements are included: built in pastel furniture, brushed stainless steel fixtures, austere white walls, geometric artwork and skylights aplenty.

My ten-year-old-self wants to do a back handspring. My thirty-nine-year-old-self can’t do that anymore but is still intrigued.

Certainly this look is at odds with with the current trends of “reclaimed wood” and natural textures we have grown accustomed to. All those manmade, polished surfaces almost give off a a laboratory vibe. But don’t you find a certain appeal in this aesthetic too? It is bright, purposeful, clean and optimistic, a decidedly 180 degree turn away from all the muted tones and chocolate browns we see so much of today. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t stop looking at it.

It all makes me wonder if the eighties might be poised for an interior design comeback? Sounds crazy but let’s remember, there was a time when mid century lamps were just “Aunt Lucille’s junk” rather than hipster trophies to be sold on First Dibs for $2,700 (each, not the pair).

So, get ahead of the curve and buy this one. I’ll be over for a Capri Sun and vodka.

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