Sure, sex sells. But can it sell car washes? Severna Park’s Great American Car Wash hoped so when they changed the message on their marquee to “Have Better Sex in a Clean Car.”

Whether it brought in more business I couldn’t tell you, but it sure caused a stir at the Severna Park Patch Facebook page. The range of opinions represented by the Patch comments was largely what one would expect. Many were horrified that a business would post such a risque message in public. Others thought it was funny, or at least no big deal.

But one commenter’s issue with the sign was pretty novel: “It doesn’t offend me, but I don’t find it funny either. I don’t really get it. How is a cleaner car going to improve your sex in it? Dumb. Mildly inappropriate.”

And you know what? I’m with her. Before The Great American Car Wash defends the sign’s lewdness, I’d like to see them explain what the heck it’s supposed to mean.

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