This Maryland Woman Was the Victim of Mass Cyber-Bullying

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As created frustrations for Americans seeking to enroll in Obamacare, many took their anger out on an anonymous woman, whose smiling face beamed next to the enthusiastic declaration “The Health Insurance Marketplace is Open!”

She was dubbed “Obamacare girl.” Abusive tweets were directed at her. Her face was offensively photoshopped. She was the butt of late night talk show jokes.

But this so-called “mystery woman” (is a smiling face in a stock photo really worthy of being called a “mystery?”) came forward yesterday to set some things straight.

Her name is Adriana. She’s a permanent resident of the United States living in Maryland with her husband and son. She’s not “vaguely ethnic” as Stephen Colbert suggested; she’s “pure Colombian.”

She’s not a professional model, and she wasn’t paid for the photo. It turns out that she is, however, a real person with feelings who didn’t like being made into an effigy of Obamacare.

Let’s call this mystery solved.

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