This Saturday: Writing You Can Dance to

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A great live reading can be as stimulating as good live music. Saturday afternoon at the Windup Space catch the New Mercury nonfiction reading series featuring Fishbowl’s very own “Bohemian Rhapsody” columnist Marion Winik. This gig always welcomes a diverse group of talented readers — and often performs terrifically. Other readers include Jay Imbrenda, quick-witted chair of the lit arts department at Carver, poet/author/musician Bruce A. Jacobs, whose latest book, Race Manners for the 21st Century, was published by Arcade/Skyhorse, and fiction writer Caryn Coyle, whose latest short story, “Ballerina,” appears in the current issue of Little Patuxent Review.

Winik is the author of eight books of creative nonfiction and poetry, most recently The Glenrock Book of the Dead (Counterpoint, 2008). She gave us a hint about her Saturday performance.

“There is nothing funner to me than doing a reading–and I especially enjoy the risk of reading from new work, as I plan to do at New Mercury on Saturday,” Winik says. “I’m going to read something similar to the ‘Desperate Housewives of Roland Park’ that ran in Fishbowl, another funny/sad chapter from the memoir I’m working on — but one that has never seen the light of day. Of course, it’s scary to reveal these stories, scariest when it’s the first time, but this kind of fear is useful to me as a performer. I have everything at stake in bringing the audience into my emotional space. At its best it’s like stand-up comedy and stand-up tragedy combined!”

Saturday, 5:30-7:30
The Windup Space
12 W. North Avenue

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  1. I am not fortunate enough to live anywhere near this event, but it would be super cool to be able to see the performances via YouTube…hint hint…
    c’mon, don’t punish me for living in Oklahoma…I can’t help it. It’s cheap to live here.

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