Baltimore’s first Ultimate Block Party drew thousands of children and their families to Rash Field in the Inner Harbor on Sunday. The goal was for kids to engage in “unplugged” play — bean bag toss, four-square, paper airplanes, and sidewalk chalk were some of the low-tech attractions. And children played in the brisk fall air in this quaint, old-fashioned way for over six hours.

The event was organized by over 125 local organizations working in concert, seeking to duplicate the success of a similar event held in New York’s Central Park last year.

The statistics, cited in The Sun are remarkable. Kids between 8 and 18 interact with electronic media seven and a half hours every day. But wait, there’s more. Because of the younger generation’s tendency to play video games while they watch TV (while they’re on the internet) they actually squeeze ten hours and forty-five minutes of “media content” into seven and a half hours of real time. Wow. While some who hear those statistics may simply feel proud of their child’s ability to multitask, the organizers of the Ultimate Block Party were moved to action. And for at least one day, for a few thousand children, those statistics were defied (assuming those kids didn’t pull a video game / TV / internet all nighter when they got home).