Thursday’s Healthy Eating Challenge from Relay Foods and RPEMS – Healthy Fat Swap

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Thursday's Challenge: Make a Healthy Fat Swap!
Thursday’s Challenge: Make a Healthy Fat Swap!

Relay Foods and Roland Park Elementary Middle School have teamed up for the Healthy Eating Challenge. It’s Thursday, the 4th day of challenge! Today, we’re talking about fats and sugars. Together, we’ll learn about the difference between healthy fats and unhealthy fats. We’ll also learn how much sugar is in some of the drinks we have every day and talk about why we should think twice before gulping it down.

Try this in class: Healthy fats keep your muscles moving, give you energy so you can play for hours, and make your brain smarter and stronger! Unhealthy fats do the opposite — they slow you down and make you feel sleepy. Healthy fats help our bodies use vitamins A, E, D, and K. We need these superstar vitamins to stay strong and healthy! Which healthy fat is your favorite? Are there any healthy fats you want to try?

Try this at home: Try a new healthy fat! From nuts to avocados, it’s important to eat three to nine servings a day of foods that provide your body with healthy fats. This week, try these heart-healthy fats and add a little pep to your step!

Game time: Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in soda? Guess how many teaspoons there are in one can. How about gatorade? Juice? Let’s find out!

  • One serving of gatorade: 9 teaspoons
  • One can of soda: 13 teaspoons
  • One energy drink: 16 teaspoons
  • One serving of juice: 10 teaspoons

That’s a lot of sugar! Did you know sugar can make it hard to concentrate and can make it harder for your immune system to keep you from getting sick? Aren’t you glad you’re drinking water?

Watch this: In this video, we’ll learn about fats—the good and unhealthy kind.

Get movin’: Time for a RELAY race! The twist: your partner can only start the next leg of the relay after naming and spelling a healthy fat or giving a healthy fat fact you learned in the video!

Feel great eating healthy fats and less sugar!

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