Tom Clancy’s Baltimore Penthouse Is For Sale

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Don't spill anything in Tom Clancy's house.
Don’t spill anything in Tom Clancy’s house.

Got $12 million to spare and a hankering for some swanky Baltimore real estate? Then I have a listing for you.

Tom Clancy’s 12,000-square-foot Inner Harbor penthouse has just been put on the market, listed at a whopping $12 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, that makes it the most expensive piece of real estate on the Baltimore market at the moment. The apartment (which was actually several units combined into one) comes complete with six terraces, three semi-private elevators, a gym, a home theater, three parking spaces, and stunning Harbor views (natch). Clancy, a gun enthusiast, almost installed a gun range after moving into the building in 2009 — but, alas, didn’t.

The penthouse occupies one of the top floors of the 190-unit Ritz Carlton Residences. It’s priced well above other luxe apartments recently offered from the same building — but then again, it was owned by a famous writer. And it’s huge.

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