Tom Hardy Accidentally Spoke with a Baltimore Accent in ‘The Revenant’

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"How 'bout dem muzzoo- lowders?" Tom Hardy in The Revenant.
“How ’bout dem muzzoo-lowders?” Tom Hardy in The Revenant.

There are many striking elements in Alejandro G. Inarritu’s Golden-Globe-winning 19th-century survival film The Revenant. It’s got incredible art direction, cinematography, and expertly choreographed action sequences. But for Baltimorean viewers, Tom Hardy’s accent might leave the biggest impression.

It’s not a perfectly consistent rendition of the idiosyncratic Baltimore lilt, probably because he doesn’t seem to have been aware that that’s what he was doing.

Asked about his accent, Hardy told IndieWire he “thought it sounded kind of cool.”

“I didn’t do any research,” he went on. “I had time to grow a beard, get a wig on and go up the mountain. What you see is what you get.”

Hardy told Yahoo! Movies that he was trying to sound like Tom Berenger’s character in Platoon. The British actor implied that was his only source and made no mention of Baltimore.

If you can handle the gore, go see The Revenant — and watch Tom Hardy and crew brave the “code” and head “downy” riverbank.

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